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Can a Florida Condominium Association Take a Unit Owner’s Rental Income

West Palm Beach Condominium Attorneys
West Palm Beach Condominium Attorneys

Q: Can a Florida Condominium Association Take a Unit Owner’s Rental Income?


A: The short answer is that a Condominium Association (“Association”) may go after a unit owner’s rental income in Florida if the unit owner is delinquent on dues and assessments.  Pursuant to Florida Statutes, Section 718.116(11), if a unit is occupied by a Tenant and the unit owner is delinquent on dues and assessments due and owing to the Association, the Association may send a written letter to the Tenant that the Tenant pay to the Association all future monthly rental payments until the delinquency is paid in full.  The Tenant has an affirmative obligation to make all the monthly rental payments, pursuant to the Residential Lease, to the Association instead of the unit owner.


The Association must provide the Tenant with written notice either by hand delivery or via United States mail.  A verbal demand will not suffice.  The Association must also mail the written notice to the unit owner.  Thereafter, if the Tenant makes the monthly payment to the Association, the unit owner cannot state that the Tenant has not made his/her monthly rental payment and should therefore, be evicted.  Further, the Tenant has no obligation to make more than the monthly rental payment pursuant to the Residential Lease with the unit owner.


The remedies available to an Association is that the Association may sue for eviction as if the Association were a Landlord if the Tenant fails to pay the required payment pursuant to the written demand.  This is important because the Association can stand in the shoes of the unit owner but only for eviction purposes.  The Association in not otherwise considered a Landlord under chapter 83, Florida Statutes.  Have a similar issue? The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC and its experienced team of West Palm Beach Condominium Attorneys are here to help. We are boutique real estate law firm that caters to our clients with a hands-on approach. Call us today at (561) 699-0399 to set up a consultation with one of our West Palm Beach Condominium Attorneys.  We are located in Lantana, Florida.  We serve West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and South Florida.


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