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West Palm Beach Homeowners' Attorneys
West Palm Beach Homeowners’ Attorneys

Association Official Records Inspection

As West Palm Beach Homeowners’ Attorneys, representing condominium homeowners in Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida, we are always asked Can a Tenant inspect the official records of a Florida Condominium Association? A Tenant may have an interest in reviewing the Association’s official records for numerous reasons. Maybe the Tenant is being targeted, discriminated against or having have untruthful complaints made against them.

Florida Law

Access to Condominium Association official records are statutorily based in Florida Statute 718.111(12).  Pursuant to F.S. 718.111(12)(17)(c)(1), “the official records of the association are open to inspection by any association member or the authorized representative of such member at all times.”

Based on the plain language of the statute, a Tenant cannot inspect the official records of a Condominium Association, unless they are the authorized representative of an association member.  A Tenant can also contact their Landlord, the Owner of the property, to request the information from the Condominium Association, if the Landlord agrees.  As such, the Tenant does not have an automatic right to the inspection of the Condominium Association’s official records.

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