Florida Association Gun Control

Florida Association Gun Control
Florida Association Gun Control

Florida Association Gun Control? Can your Florida Condominium ( under Florida Chapter 718) or Homeowners’ Association (under Florida Chapter 720) Regulate Gun Possession Within your Florida Community?

In recent years the debate over gun control has intensified due to several high profile incidents.  Its possible that gun ownership and possession may be a hot topic within your Florida Condominium Association or Florida Homeowners’ Association.  Florida courts have acknowledged that Florida community associations have an interest in creating Rules and Regulations to benefit the community residents’ health, happiness, and peace of mind.  Its possible that a Florida Association may try to regulate gun ownership within their community based on the aforementioned reasons.

Florida laws and the U.S. Constitution protect gun ownership, however certain regulations of guns in a Florida community may withstand court scrutiny.  A court may find that regulations prohibiting carrying a firearm within the common areas of a Florida community or at Florida community meetings would be valid.  An absolute ban on gun ownership with a Florida community association would very likely be held unconstitutional.

Should you have any questions regarding Florida Association Gun Control or Florida Condominium Association or Florida Homeowners’ Association rules affecting you in general, the experienced and knowledgeable COA and HOA Attorneys at The Law Office of Ryan Shipp are here to help you with all of your Florida Association needs.  Call us today @ (561) 699-0399 or set-up an appointment to come visit us at our Lantana, Florida office location.

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