Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

In Florida, once served with a Foreclosure Complaint, you have ONLY 20-days to respond. Failure to file a response with the Court, can result in the loss of…

Florida Commercial Properties Offer Investors Benefits

Real estate investors in West Palm Beach, Florida, and around the country often begin by purchasing single-family residences, but many of them soon switch their focus to commercial…

What Florida Unmarried Couples Should Consider When Buying Property

Florida residents who are in a long-term relationship may find that its not uncommon for unmarried couples to buy homes together. In fact, a report from the National…

Kick Out Ex Girlfriend from House Florida

Kick Out Ex Girlfriend From House Florida

If you’re reading this legal blog its because you have someone in your house that you’ve asked to leave and they refuse to leave. This person may be…

Lake Worth Homeowners Lawyers

Lake Worth Homeowners Lawyers | 561.699.0399

Our Lake Worth Beach Homeowners Lawyers Represent Homeowners In Fighting Back Against Their Florida HOA And Florida Condo Associations The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC and its team of…

Lake Worth Commercial Leases and Protecting the Interests of your Business

If you own a business in Lake Worth or South Florida, you know how difficult it is to manage the day-to-day details and expenses associated with your operations….

Florida Millennials and Home Buying

Florida Millennials and Home Buying

Millennials in Florida, individuals who were born between 1981 and 2001, may list affordability as one of the main issues that determine whether they may own a home….


The Importance of Home Inspections in West Palm Beach

Residential homes including condominium’s, apartments, and townhomes that are for sale are typically arranged so that their best features are on display and any defects are carefully minimized….

Lake Worth Hard Money Lenders

Lake Worth Hard Money Lenders | Lender Lawyers

Hard Money Loans Most home buyers in Lake Worth Beach Florida and around the country take on conforming real estate mortgages, but those who only require money for…

Motion to Determine Rent Florida

Are you a Florida Tenant that is having issues with your Florida Landlord regarding payment or are you currently involved in the Florida Eviction Process? A Motion to…

Palm Beach County Real Estate Lawyer

If you have landed on this Blog, you’re probably looking for a Palm Beach County Real Estate Lawyer. The next question you’re probably asking yourself, is can this Florida…

Real Estate Closing

Palm Beach County Real Estate Closings

Palm Beach County Real Estate Closings As a Florida real estate attorney, I have represented countless buyer and sellers with purchasing and selling property and the litigation that…

Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp

Welcome to The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC Our office is located at 814 W. Lantana Rd. Suite 1, Lantana, Florida 33462 | 561.699.0399 | legal@shipplawoffice.com | http://www.shipplawoffice.com…

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