The Importance of Home Inspections in West Palm Beach


Residential homes including condominium’s, apartments, and townhomes that are for sale are typically arranged so that their best features are on display and any defects are carefully minimized. Prospective homeowners in Florida should insist on having an inspection conducted on a home they are considering purchasing. It should be an independent inspection that is conducted by a professional.

A Florida home inspection that is conducted during the inspection period of the Florida “As Is” residential contract gives the purchaser the ability to have access to the home for their inspector to inspect the property and provide a report. If a purchaser opts out and fails to have an inspection done, the issues with the home will be theirs so long as the purchaser proceeds past the inspection period. However, if the purchaser is not satisfied with the findings in the inspection report, the purchaser, during the inspection period may cancel the contract and any earnest money deposit tendered shall be promptly returned to the purchaser or the purchaser may go back to the seller and see if there is a resolution that can be met by the parties to have the contract proceed forward. Such resolution may be a reduction in the sales price or certain obligations that the seller must adhere to before the closing of the transaction.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, the number of home inspections that take place every year are increasing, and home inspections were conducted for 90 percent of home sales. Even though the statistics do not distinguish between inspections that were requested by the sellers or buyers, it does highlight how important inspections are to the process of home buying.

Homes are not always properly cared for and may have heating or air conditioning filters that should be replaced, noisy furnaces or runny faucets. Foreclosed homes can hide even more repair issues. It is highly recommended that purchasers make the approval of a proper home inspection a condition of the transaction. Home buyers will be able to acquire the home with confidence when they receive an inspection report that the home is in good condition.

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