Florida Quiet Title Action


Florida Quiet Title Action
Florida Quiet Title Action

A Florida Quiet Title Action is where the Plaintiff requests that the Court order/declare that he/she or the corporation has the sole legal title to real estate within Florida.  More specifically, Florida Quiet Title Actions help an Owner clear title.  For example, the named Defendants may be individuals, corporations, municipalities and/or government that can potentially have an interest/ownership in the real estate.


The word “quiet” remains to clear title or remove any clouds on title to the real estate.


In Florida, Chapter 65 of the Florida Statutes details the procedures and action for quieting title.  Florida Quiet Title Actions are filed in Circuit Court and are essentially requesting that the Judge enter a Final Order to “quiet” title to your Florida property.  In most cases, Florida Quiet Title Actions do not ask the Judge for monetary awards or damages, but simply asks the Judge to remove any clouds on title and to render who has legal title to the Florida property.


Under most purchases and sales of homes in Florida, a title insurance policy will protect you against claims to your property; however, a title insurance policy does not remove clouds on legal title.  We always recommend title insurance policies and title searches to ensure that there are no encumbrances on the property before a purchase. If you need assistance with any title searches or title policies, contact our Title Company: Clear2Close Title & Escrow, LLC @ 561.600.0448.


A Florida Quiet Title Action is typically initiated after a tax deed sale as a purchaser of a tax deed, cannot obtain title insurance without a Florida Quiet Title Action.  Any purchaser of a tax deed sale would want marketable title and must then initiate a Florida Quiet Title Action.


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