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Boynton Beach Divorce and Selling Home

Boynton Beach Divorce and Selling Home
Boynton Beach Divorce and Selling Home
Boynton Beach Divorce and Selling Home

Boynton Beach couples who are getting divorced and want to sell their homes are not alone. According to one study, the family home is sold in 61 percent of divorces. There are instances during which one spouse is able to buy out the other spouse, but this does not occur in many cases.


Because selling a home during a divorce can exacerbate an already emotional situation, it is important that the process be guided by a real estate professional that both parties approve of and trust. It is also necessary that the real estate agent and both spouses work together in order to make the transaction proceed without complications.


The real estate agent should be informed of the goals that both parties have for the sale. There should also be a discussion about the agent’s responsibilities. For better efficiency, communication with the agent should be limited to one spouse.


Both spouses should make every effort to prevent personal conflicts from coloring the business relationship with the real estate agent. All parties should keep in mind that the agent is working on behalf of both spouses and should not have to take sides.


Decisions should be made about which large items are to be left as they are and what either party is willing to fix. Anything that does not work and will not be fixed should be noted on the seller’s listing sheet or statement.


The Boynton Beach Real Estate Attorneys at The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC  can assist individuals who are seeking to buy or sell residential property. Our Boynton Beach Real Estate Lawyers have the ability to litigate to resolve title issues, assist with real estate closings, verify zoning laws and negotiate contract terms for real estate agreements.



Licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 2008, Ryan S. Shipp, Esquire is the Founder and Principal Attorney at The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC which is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Mr. Shipp and his team of associate attorneys and support staff focus their practice in the areas of real estate and business law.

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