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Foreclosure- Not a Defense for FL Tenant to Withold Rent

Foreclosure- Not a Defense for FL Tenant to Withold Rent
Foreclosure- Not a Defense for FL Tenant to Withold Rent

As a Florida Tenant, you have many legal and valid defenses for non-payment of rent including, but not limited to, a proper Seven (7) Day Notice for maintenance issues, and overpayment/credit of rent.  If you gain knowledge that your Landlord is in the middle of a foreclosure action on the leased property, does that give you, the Tenant, the right to not pay your monthly rent?

The quick answer is NO. Foreclosure- Not a Defense for FL Tenant to Withhold Rent  As a Florida Tenant, you are legally obligated to pay your monthly rental payment up and until excused by Florida Statutes and/or the Lease Agreement.
At the onset of the Lease, the Florida Tenant and Landlord entered into a Lease Agreement wherein the Tenant is to pay a certain amount of rent per month for the use, enjoyment, and possession of the property owned by the Landlord.  If the Tenant fails to make those monthly payments, the Tenant will be in default and held liable.

Florida Law

The pending foreclosure action does not render the leased premises uninhabitable or untenantable.  During the foreclosure proceedings, as long as the Tenant is not forced out of the property but retains the use and possession of the premises, the Tenant’s obligation to pay the Landlord remains in place. The Florida Tenant’s right to pay rent are not excused by the foreclosure proceedings up and until the Bank or a third party retains a Writ of Possession and gives proper notice to the Florida Tenant pursuant to Florida Statutes.
In conclusion, the Tenant has an affirmative duty to pay the monthly rental payment during the pendency of foreclosure proceedings.  The Tenant’s rights are not compromised by the filing of a foreclosure proceeding as the Tenant continues to use and enjoy the property. The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC and its dedicated team of West Palm Beach Foreclosure Defense Attorneys and West Palm Beach Eviction Attorneys are here to help.  Call us today at 561.699.0399 to learn more.  We are located in Lantana, Florida.  We serve South Florida.