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How to Transfer Property in West Palm Beach

How to Transfer Property in West Palm Beach
How to Transfer Property in West Palm Beach

Many of our clients ask us How to Transfer Property in West Palm Beach and throughout the State of Florida. Florida residents may have heard of the term “conveyancing”. It means that real property is being transferred from one party to another. Although an attorney is not required for a transfer in Florida, traditionally, a West Palm Beach Real Estate Attorney will work to create documents that make the property transfer official and to ensure that you’re protected.

Legal counsel will usually take steps such as determining what type of documents are most appropriate for a given transfer, who must sign the documents and how new owners will hold title to the property.

When transferring real estate, a deed will be created. A warranty deed promises that the seller holds a good title to the property at the time of the transfer. A quitclaim deed is created when an individual relinquishes his or her interest in a property. However, there is no promise that the title is good or that the person transferring the interest in the property owns it.

The most important step in transferring property is to record the deed with the proper legal description of the property with the county office where the property is located. This is a critical step because the rights of a property owner are not fully protected until it is completed. Furthermore, the order in which deeds or similar instruments are recorded may play a role in determining who gets priority if a claim is made on a property.

Prior to completing a real estate transaction, purchasers may wish to speak with experienced and knowledge West Palm Beach Real Estate Lawyers, such as The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC. Doing so may make it easier to determine if there are any title issues or other problems with a property that may need to be addressed before closing. This may prevent a buyer from dealing with unexpected liens or other issues. If you’re thinking about transferring real property and need assistance with the preparation of a warranty deed or quitclaim deed, call us today @ 561.699.0399 to see how we can help. We are located in Lantana, Florida. We serve clients in West Palm Beach and throughout the State of Florida. If you need title insurance though real estate closing, our in-house title company Clear2Close Title & Escrow, LLC is here to assist as well.

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