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How long does an Eviction take in Florida?
How long does an Eviction take in Florida?

How long does the Eviction Process take in Florida? What is the time frame for an Eviction in Florida?  We wish we had a magical answer.

It is impossible to state an exact time frame from start to finish for an eviction action.  There are many variables that come into play that can change the time frame in an instant.  Once an action for tenant eviction is filed with the Court  and the case is opened (eviction for possession only), the tenant has 5-days to respond to the eviction complaint or they will be defaulted and a Judgment will be entered in favor of the landlord for possession.  However, if the tenant files an answer, this will push the time frame back a bit as the eviction will be considered contested.  If the eviction involves a count for non-payment of rent, the tenant will be required to deposit money into the Court’s Registry or the tenant can file a Motion to Determine the Amount to Be Placed in Court’s Registry.

Thereafter, a Judge may make a determination of the amount of money to be placed in the court’s registry or a hearing may be set in front of the Judge to determine the amount of money to be placed in the court’s registry.  A mediation may also be scheduled to resolve all matters.  If matters are unresolved, a final hearing will be set.

Once a judgment is entered for landlord possession, a Writ of Possession will be issued and that can take anywhere from 48-hours or more as the sheriff will post a 24-hours notice on the real property indicating that the tenant has 24-hours to vacate the premises.  Some other factors that may delay the process are suspensions in a Judge’s calendar and/or the clerk and sheriff being backed-up.

All in all, the Florida eviction process can run smoothly and swiftly (and the Eviction can take 25-30 days from beginning to end) or can take some time if the tenant contests the eviction proceedings.

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How Long Does Eviction Take In Florida