Landlord/Tenant & Evictions

What is a Judgment of Eviction in Florida?

A Judgment of Eviction is when a Judge awards the Landlord possession of the property and directs the Clerk of Court to issue a Writ of Possession thereby having a Sheriff deliver possession of the property to the Landlord. There are numerous reasons that a Judge will enter a Judgment of Eviction, but a Judgment is most often entered when the Tenant fails to pay rent, the Tenant fails to Answer the Eviction Complaint, and the Tenant is defaulted in the Eviction action.  A Judgment of Eviction is also commonly entered when the Tenant fails to place money into the Court’s Registry, as required by a Court order. Once a Judgment of Eviction is entered, the Eviction process will continue and the Writ of Possession will be issued which will allow the Landlord to gain access to the property shortly thereafter.

From the Tenants perspective, a Judgment of Eviction can negatively impact your credit report and can affect a former Tenant from obtaining credit lines in the future. Further, a low credit score can affect a Tenant from entering into a new rental agreement if the Landlord runs a credit check or does a background search.

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