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Florida Three Day Notice



Florida Three Day Notice
Florida Three Day Notice

Did you receive a Florida Three Day Notice? In Florida, the first step in the eviction process for non-payment, a landlord is required to give a tenant or tenants notice of intent to terminate the lease agreement (see Florida Statute 83.56 regarding notice). If the tenant has failed to pay the full amount of rent due, the landlord must give notice, via personal service, substitute service, or conspicuous posting at the property, stating what amount of money is owed, the landlord’s name and where the past due amount can be paid.


Once the Florida Three Day Notice has been served upon the tenant(s) they have three (3) days, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays, in which to either pay the full amount of rent owed or vacate the property. Vacating the property must include surrendering the keys to the landlord or their representative. If the tenant(s) do either of those things the landlord is unable to proceed with the eviction process, as there are no longer grounds to evict the tenant(s).


If the tenant(s) do not vacate the property or pay the full amount required in the Florida Three Day Notice, the landlord is able to proceed with the eviction process by filing a complaint for eviction with the appropriate court.


If a tenant(s) receive a summons from the court stating that a complaint for eviction has been filed, but did not receive the proper Florida Three Day Notice, the tenant(s) may file an answer with the court stating that they did not receive a proper Florida Three Day Notice and the court will presumably not allow the eviction process to continue until the Florida Three Day Notice is corrected, only the tenant places the amount in controversy into the Court’s Registry.


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