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A Florida Notice of Non-Renewal (residential tenancy) can be drafted and sent by either the Landlord (Owner, Manager, Agent) or the Tenant. The Florida Notice of Non-Renewal gives the other party to the Lease Agreement notice that at the end of the Lease term, there will be no renewal for an additional year.  Your Florida Lease Agreement will break down the exact amount of notice that is required to be provided. However,  pursuant to Florida Statute 83.575, the Lease Agreement may not require more than 60 days’ notice from either the Tenant or Landlord regarding non-renewal.

Another important point to note is that if a Tenant fails to give the required notice to the Landlord before vacating, the Tenant may be liable for liquidated damages if the Landlord provides a Florida Notice of Non-Renewal to the Tenant specifying the Tenant’s obligations under the notification provisions of the Lease Agreement.  After the term in the Lease Agreement expires, if the Tenant remains on the property with the permission of the Landlord and fails to give the Florida Notice of Non-Renewal, the Tenant is liable for an additional 1 month’s rent.

If the tenancy has no specific term, the tenancy may be terminated by either party giving written notice in the following time frame:  year to year tenancy is by giving not less than 60 days’ notice; quarter to quarter tenancy is by giving not less than 30 days’ notice; month to month tenancy is by giving not less than 15 days’ notice; and week to week tenancy is by giving 7 days’ notice.

Non-Renewal Notice

A Florida Notice of Non-Renewal can be for any reason as long as it is not made for discriminatory purposes. Need assistance with drafting a Florida Notice of Non-Renewal? Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC is here to help.  Call us today @ 561.699.0399.  We are located in Lantana, Florida.  We serve South Florida.

***Please see below Sample Florida Notice of Non-Renewal for a month-to-month tenancy.***

Notice of Non-Renewal_month to month SAMPLE

We always recommend hiring a competent landlord-tenant attorney.

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Licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 2008, Ryan S. Shipp, Esquire is the founder and principal attorney at Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC, which is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Mr. Shipp and his team of associate attorneys and support staff focus their practice in the areas of real estate and business law.

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