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House Bill 621: A Game-Changer for Property Owners In Florida


Florida Squatters
Florida Squatters

Starting on July 1, 2024, Florida’s has new bill called House Bill 621, which is shaking up how Florida handles property rights and deals with folks crashing in residential places without permission. They’ve tucked it away in Section 82.036 of the Florida Statutes.

Key Provisions of House Bill 621:

Here’s the lowdown on what this bill brings to the table:

  1. Calling in the Cops: If you own a property or you’re handling things for the owner, you can get the Sheriff involved to help boot out unwanted guests, but you need to follow a few steps first.
  2. Filing a Formal Complaint: Before you can boot someone out, you need to file a complaint following some specific rules.
  3. Sheriff’s To-Do List and Safety Net: The bill lays out what the sheriff’s supposed to do, including having the power to arrest squatters. Plus, it says the sheriff isn’t responsible if stuff gets broken during the eviction hustle.
  4. Protecting Property Owners and Crew: Property owners and their peeps aren’t on the hook for any damage to the squatter’s stuff unless they messed up and kicked them out for no good reason.
  5. Getting Tough on Squatting: They’re making squatting a crime now if it causes enough damage.
  6. Cracking Down on Fake Documents: If you’re caught trying to pass off fake documents to snag someone’s property, you could end up in serious trouble.
  7. No More Sneaky Business: It’s now against the law to lie or deceive when selling, renting, or leasing a home.

House Bill 621 is big news for Florida property owners. It’s all about giving them more power and options when dealing with unwanted guests. It’s also about making things clearer for everyone involved, like property owners, law enforcement, and legal pros. So, before July 1st rolls around, it’s a good idea for folks in Florida to get clued in on what this bill means for them.

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