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What is a Motion to Determine Rent in Florida?

Motion To Determine Rent Florida
Motion To Determine Rent Florida

What is a Motion to Determine Rent in Florida? To put it in perspective, your Landlord first served a three (3) day Notice to Pay/Vacate and then filed a Complaint for Tenant Eviction based on non-payment of rent.

Within the five (5) day statutory timeframe, the Tenant may file a Motion to Determine Rent.  This Motion requests the Court/Judge to determine how much rent is actually owed and how much, if any, should be deposited into the Court’s Registry.  In essence, the Tenant is stating that the amount claimed to be due by the Landlord is incorrect.

Motion To Determine Rent Hearing

In almost all circumstances, the Court will set a hearing on the Tenant’s Motion to Determine Rent. At the hearing, the Court will hear testimony and review evidence to determine the correct amount of money due and owing, if any, by the Tenant to the Landlord.  Unless there is an error, the Court will require the Tenant to place the rent into the Court’s Registry in order for the Tenant to proceed with the case.  If the Tenant fails to deposit the money into the Court’s Registry, the Landlord can move for a default and a final judgment of eviction will most likely be entered by the Court.

It is important to note that the eviction case is not heard during the Motion to Determine Rent hearing, the hearing is only limited to determine how much money is due and owing and how much money must be placed into the Court’s Registry.

Motion to Determine Rent Florida
Motion to Determine Rent Florida

Florida Statute 83.60 is on point regarding a Motion to Determine Rent.  Many Tenants use this Motion as a delay tactic to remain in the property for an extended period of time or to prolong the eviction proceedings.  It is important for Landlords to realize that all notices and complaints must be accurate as the Judge will weigh the evidence presented at the the Motion to Determine Rent Hearing.

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