Moving to Florida Do I Need a New Will?

Moving to Florida Do I need a new Will?
Moving to Florida Do I need a new Will?

As one of the fastest growing states, Florida sees an influx of new residents with estate planning documents from all across the country.  These new Florida residents then contemplate drafting new estate planning documents to reflect their new place/state of residency and always seem to ask the question, I’m Moving to Florida Do I Need a New Will?


As a legal question, it is not necessary for a new Florida resident to draft brand new estate planning documents, unless so desired; however, it is recommended.  Florida views estate planning documents that were drafted in foreign states as effective as long as those documents were drafted and executed pursuant to those specific states requirements/laws.  As Florida has numerous laws/statutes that are different that other states, it is important to have a Florida Estate Planning Attorney review your documents and to ensure that those documents reflect your desires/intentions/wishes.  For example, Florida has the homestead exemption and that may require edits to your Last Will and Testament.


As always, please confer with appropriate counsel to ensure that you and your assets/interests are always protected.

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