Florida Valid Will Requirements 

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Last Will and Testament Florida Requirements

The execution of a Will in Florida is procedural and very specific.  If the requirements are not met, the Will be be found invalid. We always recommend hiring a competent Boynton Beach Estate Planning Attorney.  Pursuant to Florida Statute 732.502, every Will executed in Florida must be in writing and executed as follows:  


(1) the testator must sign the Will at the end; OR

(2) the testator’s name must be subscribed at the end of the Will by some other person in the testator’s presence and by the testator’s direction.  


The two attesting witnesses must witness the testator’s signature or acknowledgment that he or she has previously signed the Will or that another person has subscribed the testator’s name to it.  In addition, the attesting witnesses must sign the will in the presence of the tester and in the presence of each other.

 Florida is not specific on the form of words that are used to make a Will however it must be followed precisely as described above.


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