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Florida Commercial Leasing
Florida Commercial Leasing

Running a successful Florida business depends on many factors, and one of them is negotiating a favorable lease. Florida Commercial Leasing presents unique issues and challenges compared to other forms of leasing, but these challenges can be addressed and overcome with the help of a skilled attorney.

In negotiating any Florida commercial lease, two important factors for businesses to consider are cost and location. With respect to cost, it is important for businesses to look not only at rent payments, but also lease terms related to fees. Maintenance and utility-related fees are not always included in rent costs, and it is important to obtain as much information as possible about these additional expenses, and negotiate where possible.

Another important cost-related issue is lease renewal. Businesses, especially ones that are not yet established, should be careful to verify that the costs associated with lease renewal are reasonable. If not, it may be possible to negotiate these terms as well.

Commercial Lease Attorneys
Commercial Lease Attorneys

Location, of course, is also important for many businesses, particularly those which rely on walk-in customers and high public visibility.  One important issue for businesses to address in lease negotiation is the issue of exclusivity of competition. Exclusivity agreements prevent a landlord from leasing property to competitors which could impact the success of the business. Businesses should be aware that they may be able to negotiate such an agreement when the landlord does not automatically include one.

Beyond cost and location, there are a variety of other issues that are important to clarify and potentially negotiate before entering into a commercial lease agreement. Two of them are default and eviction. Businesses need to understand what happens in the event they default on their monthly rental payments, what steps the landlord will take to correct the situation, what notice will be provided, and who is responsible for legal fees and costs associated with default. Businesses should also have a full understanding of their commercial landlords’ rights with respect to Florida Eviction, and the legal protections available to them. Before entering into a Florida Commercial Leasing Agreement, call your Lantana Florida Real Estate Attorneys at the Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC today @ 561.699.0399 to see how we can help. We are located in Lantana, Florida. We serve the entire State of Florida.

In our next post, we’ll look a bit more at this issue, as well as the issue of eviction. See Part II of this article.