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Florida Breach of Contract

West Palm Beach Breach of Contract Attorneys
West Palm Beach Breach of Contract Attorneys

Does this picture capture how you’re feeling? Did your business deal go sideways? A Florida Breach of contract is a legal cause of action in which a contract or binding agreement, is not adhered to by one or more of the parties to that contract.

The non-adherence can be non-performance, failure to act or the inaction. If one party does not fulfill their contractual obligations and duties as required per the terms of the contract, they are in breach of the contract.

Breaches are said to be either material or non-material. A material breach is one that significantly alters the original intention of the contract, while a non-material breach is a breach that is not considered material and does not significantly alter the original intention of the contract.

If a breach of contract occurs, the injured party may be entitled to certain legal or equitable remedies and money damages in Florida.  It is always important to remember that in Florida, the prevailing party in a lawsuit is entitled to recoup their attorneys’ fees only if there is a Florida Statute or the contract provides for attorneys’ fees and costs. Our West Palm Beach Breach of Contract Attorneys strongly recommend being crystal clear on this issue before going into a lawsuit as there may be sever reprecussions in the event that you’re not the prevailing party.

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