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Boca Raton Eviction Attorneys
Boca Raton Eviction Attorneys

What Does A Boca Raton Eviction Attorney Do?

The eviction process involves the delivery of a written notice to the tenant, followed by the filing of a lawsuit in court if the tenant does not cure the default or vacate the premises. If the court finds in favor of the landlord, it will issue a writ of possession, directing the sheriff to remove the tenant from the property. It’s important to note that Chapter 83, which governs commercial and residential tenancies in Florida, also contains provisions designed to protect tenants’ rights, including the right to due process and the right to a fair hearing.

In a Florida eviction, the role of a landlord attorney is to represent the landlord’s interests in the eviction proceeding. This may include preparing and filing the necessary legal documents, such as the complaint and notice of eviction, representing the landlord in court, and negotiating a settlement with the tenant if appropriate. The landlord attorney’s primary goal is to help the landlord regain possession of the rental property as quickly and efficiently as possible while following the applicable laws and procedures under Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes.  

Additionally, a landlord attorney may provide guidance to the landlord on eviction-related matters, such as the proper way to serve notice and the potential consequences of violating tenants’ rights. 

Benefits Of A Boca Raton Eviction Attorney

Having a Boca Raton eviction lawyer in your corner, such as Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC can provide several benefits, including: 

  1. Legal Expertise: An eviction attorney has a comprehensive understanding of eviction laws and procedures in Florida, which can be used to help protect your rights and interests. 
  2. Time-saving: An eviction attorney can handle the legal procedures efficiently, saving you time and reducing stress. 
  3. Improved Outcome: An experienced eviction attorney can negotiate with the other party, helping to resolve disputes and reach a mutually beneficial outcome. 
  4. Representation in Court: If necessary, an eviction attorney can represent you in court and provide a strong legal defense. 
  5. Compliance with laws: An eviction attorney can ensure that all necessary steps are taken, and all legal requirements are met, to avoid any potential legal issues in the eviction process. 

If you’re a landlord with a problem tenant in your Boca Raton property, call Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC today @ 561.699.0399 to see how we can help. Our office is located in Palm Beach County, we serve all of Florida.